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Consulting Services

Proven and mature technology introduced by CECID is ready for deployment. We fulfill deployment demands through consulting services in four major areas, namely, XML Schema Design Service, e-Commerce Architecture Design Service, ebXML and Web Services Infrastructure Implementation Consultancy, and R&D Outsourcing.

To ensure services are delivered with high quality, CECID has built a professional team with a comprehensive portfolio of experience and technical competence.

Customers who are interested in retaining our services are welcomed to contact Mr. Wellwin Kwok at

  1. XML Schema Design Service
  • Adopt international best practices to design W3C XML Schemas
  • Provide services in designing HKSARG Interoperability Framework compliant W3C XML Schemas
  • Provide services in data and information engineering such as optimization/standardization for improved reusability
  2. e-Commerce Architecture Design Service
  • Provide services in designing architectures of integrated e-Commerce information systems using state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. XML, Web Services, ebXML, PKI
  • Provide services in reviewing architecture designs on e-commerce information systems
  3. ebXML and WS Infrastructure Implementation Consultancy
  • Provide services in guiding and assisting implementation agents to plan, design, develop and deploy IT infrastructures related to ebXML and Web Services
  4. Research and Development Outsourcing
  • Provide expertise to conduct e-commerce technology research and development on behalf of commercial or non-profit entities
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