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Commercial Deployment

One of CECID's key objectives is to transfer e-commerce research to the community in order to enhance the international competitiveness of Hong Kong and China. Hence, we strive to understand and meet the needs of the marketplace by involving industry partners of private and public sectors, in deployment projects. Our project focus is Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G).

Deployment Success Stories Highlights

1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Management System - Connectiv-IT and two European mobile phone companies

    This project involved the deployment of Hermes H2O for reliable message exchange between a world leader mobile phone company and its subcontractor. This full B2B Connect-TELCO solution enables an efficient and collaborative supply chain management. The system is in production, with about 1,000 business documents being sent and received through Hermes H2O each day.

  • e-Procurement System - HMV Hong Kong Ltd and Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Ltd
    The aim of this project was to streamline the CD procurement process using ebXML technology. HMV sends electronic purchase orders, in XML format rather than fax, through Hermes to Sony Music. The new system enhances the accuracy and efficiency of CDs ordering process and gives HMV control over its procurement data.
  • e-Invoicing System - MTR Corporation Ltd and
    The project involved the deployment of our B2B Connector, at MTR and the deployment of Hermes to's existing procurement portal to send and receive electronic invoices and statements between the two corporations.This B2B e-commerce solution saves resources for manual processing, reduces human errors and gives MTR control over its procurement data.
  • Global Data Synchronization in Retailing - Dairy Farm and Procter and Gamble (P&G)
    In this project, Dairy Farm pioneered Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) with P&G in Hong Kong with our GDS Connector for product information updates. With the connection to the GDSN, both parties could quickly and efficiently exchange product information that is accurate, up-to-date and compliant with the EAN.UCC standards thus reducing costly out of stocks, increasing speed-to-shelf and cutting logistics costs.
  • Dangerous Goods Manifest Processing System - Marine Department, HKSAR Government and Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)
    In this project, coined XMLDG, CECID deploys Hermes for OOCL to submit DG Manifests in XML format. Also, XML schema for the DG Manifest is designed and a business vocabulary library is developed to compose or parse the manifest. In summary, higher efficiency and lower error rate have been achieved at both Marine Department and OOCL .
  • Vessel Information System - Dagang Net Malaysia
    This project was a collaboration work with Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (DNT). The aim of this project was to adopt ebMail in Malaysian Customs' Vessel Information System (VIS) to enhance communication in customs declaration.

2. Healthcare

  • Notifiable Infectious Disease Information Messaging System - Department of Health, HKSAR Government
    The project was to set up a centralized and standardized disease surveillance system based on XML and ebXML technologies. It involved XML schema design for 28 infectious diseases, ebMail and Hermes deployment for secure and reliable infectious disease information exchange. This proof-of-concept project aimed to demonstrate economic benefit in terms of reducing data entry errors and improving communication lead time.
  • Import and Export License Application for Pharmaceutical Product and Medicines - Department of Health, HKSARG
    This pilot project involved the development of a prototype based on CECID's product, ebMail, to streamline the pharmaceutical product and medicines import/ export (PPMI/E) licensing application procedure. After the new system is installed for this pilot project, applicants of the pharmaceutical product and medicines import/export license save one trip to the Department of Health and the Department cuts the application processing time by half.

3. Business Process / Workflow

  • Broadband Service Provision Business Process - A Telecommunications Company
    In this project, CECID developed the prototype of TranXnet Execution Engine for Telco to coordinate the interdependent tasks and control execution of its broadband installation workflow. With streamlined pre-installation workflow, it is estimated that subscribers now cut their waiting time for a broadband installation by 50%!
  • Staff Data Synchronization Process - MTR Corporation Ltd
    The aim of the project was to improve the extensibility and flexibility of MTR’s current staff data synchronization process. The project involved XML schema design and TranXnet deployment to set up a Web Services-based integration platform. This new centralized Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform provides reliable messaging and data consistency across different systems at MTR.

4. Other Applications

  • Weather Forecast Information Collection and Publishing - Hong Kong Observatory
    The objective of this project was to set up a Web Services infrastructure to disseminate weather information. It involved the development of a desktop application using ebMail, for Weather Meteorological Organization (WMO) members to submit weather forecast to Hong Kong Observatory through ebXML technology over SMTP (e-mail). Users now can retrieve data from XML files, encoded in English and Traditional Chinese, through Web Services call regardless of what platform they are using.
  • Portimizer: HPC on Cloud - Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science of the University of Hong Kong
    For research faculties who require large computing resources, they typically spend a big portion of their research grant on hardware and software to build a HPC (High Performance Computing) environment. With the advent of cloud computing, research faculties don’t need to invest and maintain in expensive IT infrastructure anymore. The pay-per-usage cloud model allow great saving so that more money from the research grant can be spent on research staffing etc needs. Portimizer is a research project that we partnered with Microsoft to demonstrate how Windows Azure makes this a reality today.

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