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ebMail implements the packaging and transporting of ebXML messages specified in ebMS, which is the messaging specification of ebXML. It enables trading partners who choose ebXML as their business collaboration framework to exchange business documents cost-effectively through email, or ebXML Message Services (ebMS) over Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

ebMail is a trimmed-down ebMS handler which does not require substantial software or hardware investment and dedicated Internet connection. It allows users to compose electronic documents offline through graphical user interface (GUI), to send and receive documents when the user is connected to the Internet. All these features enable SMEs to increase values over their current IT assets and to engage in B2B e-commerce activities with large enterprises which have adopted the ebXML framework.

Developers from 80+ economies have downloaded ebMail' source code. Some users of ebMail include HKSAR Government's Department of Health, Hong Kong Observatory and Dagang Net of Malaysia.



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