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 Enterprise Data Architect (EDA)

Does your business require information exchange with different parties?
Are you facing data interoperability problem during information exchange?
Enterprise Data Architect may help you if your answer is yes.

While current electronic business activities involve a vast number of trading partners and different electronic documents, data interoperability is becoming a large concern for the parties involved. Enterprise Data Architect (EDA) is a desktop application that provides facilities to business analysts, system analysts and application developers to develop Enterprise Information Architecture, which deals with the structure and use of information within the organization, and the alignment of information with the organization's strategic, tactical, and operational needs [1][2].

This powerful tool incorporates international best practices of Enterprise Information Architecture design and modeling to ensure the architecture created is standard, readily reusable and interoperable in both enterprise and industry levels. Meanwhile, the computer-aided environment provided by the tool can facilitate non-technical analysts, who may not have extensive knowledge of modeling methodology, to model business requirements seamlessly.

The Enterprise Information Architecture developed by EDA can be translated into XML Schema, providing framework for enterprise systems to produce standard business data in XML format. With this framework, data interoperability problem can be solved.

Functions Highlight:  (Screen Capture)

Manage existing data schema
Develop data model
Develop message schema
Generate XML Schema and related documents

System Requirements:



Computer and Processor

Personal computer with an Intel Pentium 233-MHz or faster processor


256 MB of RAM or more

Hard disk

10 MB of available hard-disk space; optional files cache requires for document generation


Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution monitor

Operating system

Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and .NET Framework 2.0, or later


Microsoft Word XP or above (English Version) is required for document generation in Enterprise Data Architect.

Enterprise Data Architect is your companion in tackling data interoperability problem for information exchange.

Don't hesitate! Download a FREE trial version and develop your own Enterprise Information Architecture.

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[1] Col Perks, Tony Beveridge, Guide to enterprise IT architecture. New York : Springer, c2003.

[2] See CECID's Whitepapers and Podcasts for more discussions on Enterprise Information Architecture.



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