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Hermes 1 is a Message Service Handler (MSH) that is in compliance with OASIS ebXML Message Service (ebMS*) standard. This standard is an open e-business messaging standard that provides a standardized, reliable, and secure infrastructure for enterprises to exchange business documents.

Reliable delivery features, defined in ebMS Standard, have been implemented in Hermes to ensure the exchanged message is received and intact. Hermes also supports secure messaging function through widely-adopted internet security technologies, such as XML Signature, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). Features of Hermes, for example, message packaging, reliable messaging and RDBMS persistence storage, all target for the vision of creating a single global electronic marketplace for enterprises of any size, any industry, and in anywhere.

Hermes 1 received Level 3 interoperability certificate from the ebXML Asia Committee, which is a committee promoting ebXML in Asia and develop ebXML work through the cooperation among Asian regions. Hermes has demonstrated interoperability in connectivity, reliability and security with 9 other Asian products.

Developers from 80+ economies have downloaded Hermes' source code. Hermes has many successful use cases, most of which are innovative, cost-effective applications used by enterprises for exchange of business documents such as POs and invoices. Some local users of Hermes include MTRC, OOCL, Sony, HMV, and HKSAR Government's Marine Department. Besides interoperability certificates, Hermes has won Grand Award in Infrastructure Building and Communication Application of Hong Kong Linux Business Award 2005, Certificates of Merit (Product Category) at the 6th HK Computer Society IT Excellence Awards and the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2004 (R&D Category).

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