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Modelling Tool

Business Process Modeling (BPM) Tool
Business process integration (BPI) is widely recognized as a key competitive advantage for a company to survive and excel in the global commerce arena. It involves integrating and automating business processes across trading partners or across departments in a large enterprise. To enable BPI, interoperability between enterprise applications needs to be achieved. The Business Process Modeling tool is designed for business analysts and industry experts to define and standardize electronic business process, and it assists in reducing effort to achieve business process interoperability.

The tool provides an analyst-friendly environment for designing BPs that govern the document exchange sequences for conducting business. Users can interconnect BPs defined in different BP languages from a single business perspective. Further, it provides a library of BP templates imported from industries (e.g. RosettaNet PIPs), which allows users to customize the industry practices to form their BPs. The graphical-aided environment facilitates non-technical analysts, who may not have extensive knowledge of modeling methodology, to model business requirements easily.

The BP model captured can later be used to generate software components to support enterprises for BP execution in BPI implementation. It can also be re-used within an organization and share with industry partners as a standard in later BP integration.

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