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Vol. IX Jul 2010

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Volume VII Jun 2008  

CECID Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Its Community Website
With an aim to accelerate e-commerce technology development and adoption, CECID has established its own open-source project development community website ( Well-received by the community worldwide, it is now the 1st anniversary of its launch.

CECID Launched Online Catalog Management and Sharing Platform
CECID is pleased to introduce its new initiative, Cataboz (, an online catalog management and sharing platform. Cataboz acts as a central repository of catalogs to facilitate storage, management, and sharing of catalogs. It is just like a box file in an office, keeping all products information. Going beyond that, it provides many value-added functions in catalog management and distribution. Customer linkage, catalog sharing and product database are the three major purposes that Cataboz would like to serve.

CECID Receives HK$3.95M for a New ITF Project
CECID receives funding from ITC and industry sponsorships for a new project, "Multi-site Infrastructure for Massive Digital Content Collaboration". Coined Falco, this is the 6th ITF project that CECID has been awarded since its establishment in 2002. Commencing on 15 March 2008, the project will last for 2 years.

CECID Hosted Symposium on Open Standards and e-Government
Co-organized by Document Engineering Services and CECID, the Symposium on Open Standards and e-Government was held on 16 May 2008. The Symposium aimed to introduce the new developments as well as international projects that use open standards for e-Government and electronic business. We were delighted to have a few international practitioners (from Australia, Spain, the US and Macau) to share their invaluable experience and success stories from both business and technology perspectives.

Featured Staff
Wyman Chan, Technology Analyst of CECID, joined CECID since Oct 2005. His main job responsibilities are application design and technology solution delivery. Over the past 3 years, Wyman has participated and contributed in various consulting projects.

New Staff
CECID welcomes our Analyst Programmer, Jimmy Chiu, to join us to conduct research and development on latest e-commerce technologies.

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