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Vol. IX Jul 2010

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Volume VIII Sep 2009  

CECID Data Translator Makes Seamless Business Data Integration Possible

With vast number of trading partners and different electronic documents involved in current everyday business activities, data interoperability is becoming a significant concern. Two biggest interoperability issues are inconsistency in data format and data interpretation among enterprises. As a result, CECID has designed a powerful data conversion tool – Data Translator. It provides an intuitive interface that allows users to visually convert any legacy data in various formats into most of the common business data formats like spreadsheet file, or standard-friendly file formats like XML or even program-friendly Java objects.

Progress of Project Falco – Secure Digital Content Transfer Gateway Deployed in Pilot Project
File size constraint and intermittent network connection create a headache for enterprises that need to send large files over the Internet to their business partners. If you face similar situation, the deliverable of Project Falco Secure Digital Content Transfer (SDCT) Gateway – may ease your pain. SDCT Gateway is designed for secure and reliable file transmission, regardless of the file size. Recently, it has been deployed in a pilot project with a manufacturer of aluminum parts and products to address their need of large file transfer over the Internet to a production factory in China.

Hermes H2O Deployed in Supply Chain Management System for European Telecom Industry
Thanks to CECID's acclaimed open-source software – Hermes H2O, a French IT consulting firm, Connectiv-IT created a full B2B integration solution at a considerably low cost, yet achieved the same level of services compared with those commercial counterparts available in the market.

CECID Receives HK6.58M Funding to Combat Data Leakage
Data leakage remains a public concern after an overwhelming number of personal data loss incidents were reported. This data privacy problem has induced a pressing need to strengthen data security governance policies and their enforcement technologies. To mitigate the data leakage risk, CECID is going to research and develop a scalable centralized data security infrastructure. Novel technologies called Intelligent Data Security Gateway and Multi-Factor Encryption will be devised to control access privileges for different data users, including those who need remote data access over the Internet and data storage on portable devices.

Mr. Thomas Lee Received HKCS Outstanding IT Achiever Awards
We are pleased to announce that our Project Manager, Mr Thomas Lee's contributions in the IT research has been recognized and honored the IT Research Award of the HKCS Outstanding IT Achiever Awards.

Featured Staff
Dan Chan joined CECID as Technology Analyst since Oct 2007. Over the past few years, he has involved in a number of significant projects. Apart from the Cataboz (, an online catalog management and sharing platform, he also participated in the deployment of B2B Connectors for the pilot scheme on electronic transmission of insurance data to Transport Department.

New Staff
CECID welcomes our 3 new Analyst Programmers: Steve Chan, Kit Yuen and Winsey Li.

Volume VIII Jan 2009  

B2B Connector Deployed in Pilot Scheme on Electronic Transmission of Insurance Data to Transport Department
CECID is pleased to announce that B2B Connector is deployed in a project on electronic transmission of insurance data from Insurers to the Transport Department. With six insurance companies participating in, the project has been launched on 21 November 2008 for six months as a pilot scheme. It is targeted to be in full scale rollout involving all insurance companies by mid-2009.

CECID's Transformation Technology Supports Efficient Message Exchange for Financial Industry
In this RTGS SWIFTNet Project, CECID contributed its knowledge and experience from data transformation methodologist to help HKICL to define the data mapping between the input message and output message, and perform message transformation into different required message formats. Our user-friendly mapping tool and powerful message transformation engine support efficient message exchange between SWITFNet, middle-tier, and host system.

Progress of Project Prom – Project Deliverables Deployed in Two Pilot Projects
Project Prom is making good progress, with all development works of the project deliverables completed. To ensure our deliverables are market-relevant, the project team has been actively identifying the market needs and engaging end-users to seek their comments and suggestions. Partnerships for two pilot projects are formed and liaison with other logistic players is continued to explore collaboration opportunities.

CECID Receives HK1M for a New ITF Project Awarded - Project Chameleon
CECID has been awarded HK$1 million funding for a new ITF project, "Universal Web Service Adapter to Facilitate Software-as-a-Service Implementation". The project aims to research and develop a Universal Web Services Adaptor technology to ease building Web Services wrapper for existing applications. Coined Chameleon, the project has commenced since Sept 2008 and will be completed in 18 months.

Featured Staff
Philip Wong, Technology Analyst, has been working at CECID since June 2006. Currently, Philip works on the enhancement and provides support for our renowned product, Hermes. He also acts as a representative of CECID in the e-Business Asia Committee (eAC), which is an AFACT working group to promote the implementation of e-Business standards in Asian region.

New Staff
CECID welcomes our Analyst Programmer, Hailey Zhu, to join our ITF Project Team - Chameleon. She hopes her knowledge and experience would add value to the development and research work in CECID.

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