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CECID Hermes Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with Launch of Version 2.1

Hong Kong, China - 15 February 2017 - Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), University of Hong Kong is pleased to announce the new version 2.1 of our open-source Hermes Business Messaging Gateway (also known as Hermes 2+). Thanks to the project funding from the Hong Kong Government’s Innovation and Technology Commission, Hermes is available as free and open-source to users and developers for implementing business-to-business (B2B) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) applications.

Hermes is a proven and extensible solution for organizations to exchange business transaction data over standardized, reliable, and secure protocols. Since its versions 1.0 and 2.0 were released in 2002 and 2007 respectively, Hermes has been adopted by organizations all over the world to implement large-scale EDI applications over the Internet. The Hong Kong Government has extensively used Hermes to implement various business-to-government electronic document submission gateways. For example, the Hong Kong Office of Government CIO has adopted Hermes as the messaging engine for the Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) since 2007. The GETS gateway has been handling over 18 million trade-related documents (e.g., Import and Export Declaration) from businesses each year.

Like its predecessors, this updated version supports both ebXML Message Service (ebMS) 2.0 and Applicability Statement 2 (AS2). (The development of the ebMS 3.0 / AS4 plugin is in progress.) Hermes 2+ supports Java 8 and has upgraded its dependent third-party libraries to their latest versions. New to version 2.1, Hermes 2+ officially supports running on Docker containers. With Docker, you can bring Hermes up and running with just two Docker commands. Now, you can deploy Hermes on-premises as well as on any clouds consistently and painlessly. Added to the existing SOAP API, a new RESTful API is provided for ebMS invocation to simplify application integration. (The RESTful API for AS2 is under development and will be available soon.)

We have published a new documentation website for Hermes 2+ at, where its user's guide and developer's guide are available. The source code of Hermes 2+ is published on GitHub at and the Docker images are shared on Docker Hub at

We regularly visit the Hermes community forum on Google Groups at to answer usage questions, review feature requests, and announce new releases. For more information, please contact us at

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Established in January 2002, Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) at the University of Hong Kong conducts e-commerce research and development with the vision of helping organizations increase their competitiveness in the global economy. CECID develops e-commerce enabling technologies, participates in important international e-commerce initiatives, as well as supports e-commerce standardization for Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region. With projects primarily funded by the Hong Kong Government's Innovation and Technology Commission, CECID also takes on the mission to transfer knowledge and technology to the community. Besides organizing forums and seminars, the Center licenses its R&D results through the University of Hong Kong to IT industry. Its acclaimed e-commerce technology, Hermes, has penetrated over 80 economies and won the Best Infrastructure and Communication Application of the Linux Business Award 2005 as well as Certificate of Merit of the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2004 and HK Computer Society IT Excellence Award 2004.

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