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The deliverable of this project, B2B Connector, is a plug-and-play Internet appliance with business-to-business (B2B) standards in a box. B2B Connector is a standalone low-cost device for companies to exchange electronic documents securely and reliably. It is designed for the small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to conduct e-commerce with other SMEs or large enterprises.

Features of B2B Connector

  • Secure and reliable message transmission provided by Hermes
  • Exchange document effortlessly
  • Support multiple message protocols, ebMS or AS2
  • Conduct document exchange with business partners from a single machine
  • Access system configuration and audit log from the web browser
  • Notification for message delivered, be it successful or failed
  • Support digital signature and authentication
  • No trespassing, only documents from trusted counterparts will be processed
  • Maximize performance reliability with system update and backup
  • Track system activities to monitor the usage
  • Create solutions

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