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Data Translator

With vast number of trading partners and different electronic documents involved in current everyday business activities, data interoperability is becoming a significant concern. Two biggest interoperability issues are inconsistency in data format and data interpretation among enterprises.

Issue 1
Different data format required by different companies

Issue 2
Same data content may be expressed in different structures


Data Translator is a powerful tool that makes seamless business data integration possible. It provides an intuitive interface, which allows users to visually convert any legacy data in various formats into most of the common business data formats like spreadsheet file, or standard-friendly file formats like XML or even program-friendly Java objects.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Define data relation visually
Data mapping is the first and foremost step for every data integration process. Data Translator helps to create data mappings easily by defining the relation of data elements from the source file and the target file visually.

Step 2 – Convert data formats automatically
When data mapping is defined, Data Translator can be automated to perform the complex data conversion from one format to another according to the mapping specifications.


Value-added Features Beyond Data Conversion

  • Robust Data Validation

Traditionally, automated data validation can only be done in data schema level. As a result, the extent of validations that can be checked is limited by the schema definition. Thanks to the novel feature of conversion to Java objects, Data Translator supports customized, fine-grained validation rules to ensure the correctness of data before it is passed to subsequent steps of processing.

  • Flexible Data Conversion

Most data conversion solutions perform data conversion from one input data instance to one output data instance only. Data Translator supports consolidation of multiple input data instances in producing a single required output data instance. This would greatly improve the flexibility when designing data conversion module for business data integration applications.

  • Easy Data Integration

In most cases, data conversion is one of the important steps in data integration application. The results of conversion often feed into other system modules for supporting business logic executions. If the business logic is native to Java, why spend an extra step to unmarshal the converted data instance to Java objects, while Data Translator can natively convert input data instances into Java objects?

Business Cases on Data Translator

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