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TranXnet is a software engine that enables a company to automate business transactions with its trading partners. TranXnet is designed for enterprises with the IT capability to automate e-commerce transactions through programmed document exchange. It mediates electronic document exchange among multiple enterprise systems. These electronic documents are often formatted in XML and packaged in ebXML or Web Services messages. TranXnet manages a database of business conversations.

Each business conversation maintains the context used between two (or more) companies that engage in a business transaction, e.g. purchase of office supplies. The context includes information specified in the Business Process Specifications Schema (BPSS) and Collaboration Protocol Agreement (CPA) of the ebXML domain or in the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) of the Web Services domain. Both BPSS and BPEL specify the document exchange sequences that require enterprise systems to follow in the execution of business processes.

TranXnet Deployment Success Stories

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