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12 November 2016



Co-operatives of Innovative Intellectuals




Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  About the Event

The first step of any entrepreneurs, whether in a startup or inside a corporation, is to envision the future business opportunity for innovation. We all know that we cannot depend on what the customers want or need because typically they do not know how to leap frog. Neither could we develop a vision by merely dreaming. The abilities to leap frog include many different elements. We shall illustrate those elements and their interdependencies in this forum.

The abilities to close deals with the interested investors with the outcome of growth have been another major milestone for any entrepreneurs and innovators. A simulated environment with practicing capital market lawyers representing the practicing entrepreneur and the practicing investor will be demonstrated.

Marketing budget requires the significant commitment of resources in any innovations and entrepreneurship. The marketing programs deployed in the startups are quite different from those of the established corporation. We shall differentiate them in this forum.

For the event details, please visit the organizer website.

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