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XML Integrator

XML Integrator (XI) is an efficient XML-based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Server. Its major functions are to retrieve and gather data from various back-end systems, and format such data into ebXML-compliant documents. Database, ERP, CRM, and Web servers are some examples of these back-end systems. Upon conversion to ebXML-compliant documents, information can be delivered by XI to a variety of user devices, such as PC, mobile phones and PDAs, in a timely fashion.

This process of document preparation is highly customizable. It is controlled by short programs, or scripts, written in XI Language (XIL). XIL is a high-level scripting language invented by our research team, for generating XML documents. XIL scripts are easy to write, understand and maintain. Moreover, XI is extensible because we provide an API for programmers to enhance XI functions.

XI has demonstrated its technological maturity and value to supply chain logistics business procedures. In 2000, it was successfully deployed in the production system of U-Freight Group, one of the largest freight forwarders in Asia.

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